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Ultra Sound Cavitation


What is the Ultra sound cavitation:

It is exposing the fat cells under the skin to ultrasound waves, which leads to the disintegration and dissolving of fat cells . Converting them to fatty acids that are excreted by the lymph nodes

uses :

To break up fat and tighten the skin
( Thighs area / back & front parts / upper part From the arms / buttocks / lower abdomen ).

When can the Ultra sound cavitation device not be used ?

  • During pregnancy.
  • Cases of patients with heart disease and patients with irregular heartbeat.
  • During the period of time / and the session can be held at least 3 days after its end.
  • Patients with liver disease and should not be used in patients with kidney stones and kidney stones.
  • Do not use in areas of metal installations (slides, nails and industrial joints) .
  • It is not used on the chest area because it affects the heart.


Sessions :

  • From 8:6 sessions, after determining the doctor (2-3) times a week.
  • The minimum number of sessions per area is 12 sessions.
  • In the case of a procedure (any type of cosmetic injection takes place a week after the session).
  • After a week If it is combined with Cryo Therapy sessions.
  • A session is twice a week, between each session of 4:3 days.
  • Duration of the session: 30 minutes or 50 minutes after the doctor’s appointment.
  • Ultrasound sessions ( U/S ) can be repeated individually every 2-3 days.

After the session :

  • It is recommended after the Ultrasound session ( U/S ) to use warm water to shower (not hot) to preserve the skin.
  • Sticking to a healthy diet.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water, especially in the first days of the session.
  • Incitement not to gain weight (consult a nutritionist.
  • Walk 30 to 60 minutes a day.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes before and after the session.
  • And rest for a day

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