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Mesotherapy FATs


What is it and its uses:

Mesotherapy is a type of injectable , non – surgical cosmetic treatment that helps in :

  • Dissolving fat (localized) and dismantling fat cells in different areas of the body and removing sagging skin from (abdomen/thighs/arms/buttocks).
  • Cellulite treatment


Types of mesotherapy:

  • Tightening mesotherapy, and here the sagging skin is injected under the sagging skin, it works to tighten it, and the person needs between 4-8 sessions per week.
  • ( Therapy Caffeine ) for skin tightening and cellulite treatment.
  • Mesotherapy for freshness , and this type contains a large group of which activates the skin to produce collagen.
  • Mesotherapy for fat dissolving Here, the middle layer of the skin is injected with fat-dissolving substances and activators of lipolytic enzymes.


Number of sessions :

It is up to the doctor to determine and not less than 3 sessions

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