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  • For topical slimming, it works to break up fat cells by cooling them without affecting the rest of the body tissues surrounding the fat cells. that Complete cooled.
  • Ensures that the fat cells that have been removed do not return.
  • To tighten and smooth the skin and prevent sagging.
  • Fits all parts of the body such as ( abdomen, buttocks , arms , and waist ) . Except for the chest.


When can’t you take a cryo machine session?

  • During pregnancy .
  • In the case of a pacemaker .
  • Area to be slimmed by cryo to a surgical procedure that did not exceed a period of 6 years in case of lesion.



  • From 4:6 sessions and after determining the doctor.
  •  In the case of a procedure (any type of cosmetic injection takes place a week after the session).
  • The US Cavitation session takes place 4-5 days after the freezing session.
  • It is determined according to the doctor and after the INBODY procedure in the clinic.
  • Duration The duration of the session ranges from 45 minutes to an hour per session.
  • The cryo machine can be used in 3 areas in one session, as a maximum, and no more than that is allowed in one session.
  • The duration between each session should be 3 weeks (21

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