It’s a device which generates a report showing your body composition (the amount of fat, water and muscle in the body) and measuring the ideal percentage of fat in the body as well as calculating the percentage of muscle in the body. Share to your friends

Pressure Therapy

How it works? Through the lymph nodes, which in turn helps get rid of excess water (Helps in cases of swelling and works as a body massage) after the freezing sessions cavitation. Number of sessions : After the doctor determines (2-3) times a week.The minimum number of sessions per area: 12 sessions.Session duration : 30 […]

Ultra Fast

The device strengthens the muscles. Session duration: 17 minutes Instructions after the session : Sticking to a healthy diet. Drink at least 2 liters of water, especially in the first days of the session. Incitement not to gain weight (consult a nutritionist). Walk 30 to 60 minutes daily. Share to your friends


The device builds weak and flabby muscles where it can enter the internal muscles, tighten and lift the skin and improve its appearance. Session duration : 40 minutes.Number of sessions: (2-3) times a week.The minimum number of sessions per area: 12 sessions. Instructions after the session : Sticking to a healthy diet. Drink at least […]

Mesotherapy FATs

What is it and its uses: Mesotherapy is a type of injectable , non – surgical cosmetic treatment that helps in : Dissolving fat (localized) and dismantling fat cells in different areas of the body and removing sagging skin from (abdomen/thighs/arms/buttocks). Cellulite treatment   Types of mesotherapy: Tightening mesotherapy, and here the sagging skin is […]

Radio Frequency For body Sculpting and Skin Tightening

What is it? Stimulating collagen production, improving skin texture, and treating sagging and weak skin by generating triple waves that work on the production of collagen for tightening ( skin, face, abdomen and buttocks ). It can be used with carboxy / therapy body / pressure / ultra tone sessions to get better results, after […]

Ultra Sound Cavitation

What is the Ultra sound cavitation: It is exposing the fat cells under the skin to ultrasound waves, which leads to the disintegration and dissolving of fat cells . Converting them to fatty acids that are excreted by the lymph nodes uses : To break up fat and tighten the skin( Thighs area / back […]


Usages: For topical slimming, it works to break up fat cells by cooling them without affecting the rest of the body tissues surrounding the fat cells. that Complete cooled. Ensures that the fat cells that have been removed do not return. To tighten and smooth the skin and prevent sagging. Fits all parts of the […]

Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

What is carboxy therapy? Carboxy therapy is a minimally invasive, injected temporary procedure utilizing a fine needle to place carbon dioxide gas directly into subcutaneous tissue (fat cells). The carbon dioxide encourages the body to send additional blood to the area improving circulation and rejuvenating tissues also it’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to inject […]