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Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

What is carboxy therapy?

Carboxy therapy is a minimally invasive, injected temporary procedure utilizing a fine needle to place carbon dioxide gas directly into subcutaneous tissue (fat cells). The carbon dioxide encourages the body to send additional blood to the area improving circulation and rejuvenating tissues also it’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to inject carbon dioxide gas, either into the skin or under the skin with a very fine needle.

It leads to the dissolution of localized fat and improves blood circulation in the capillaries and small vessels, which leads to an increase in the flow of oxygen and the activity of cells that secrete collagen, and thus improves the condition of the skin.

What cosmetic concerns does a carboxy therapy procedure treat?

  1. Aging & Tired Eyes.
  2. Cellulite.
  3. Stretch Marks.


Who is the ideal candidate for a carboxy therapy procedure?

The ideal candidate for carboxy therapy is in generally good health looking to treat dark under eye circles, cellulite, stretch marks, or other disturbances in skin texture and tone. Carboxy therapy is not recommended for patients with skin disease or active infection.

What is the average recovery associated with a carboxy therapy procedure?

Most patients experience no associated downtime after undergoing carboxy therapy. Patients typically leave the office about fifteen minutes after the procedure and can resume all activities immediately.

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